Best Japanese Gift ( Furoshiki ) – A gift from Japan

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese square cloth, for wrapping items, such as gifts and presents, or transporting them. It’s also usable as it is, as tablecloth, sofa decoration etc., or can be folded and tied to create fashionable eco-bags. Versatile, convenient and reusable, this Japanese ancient tradition perfectly matches nowadays needs for a more ecologic and waste-free way of creating bags and wrappings.
In this video, you will find simple instructions on how to tie a Furoshiki to create a bag or a wine bottle case.




Furoshiki pattern : 14-052110

Furoshiki size 108 cm × 108 cm

Cotton 100%    Made in Japan




Furoshiki pattern : 31-053052

Furoshiki size :118 cm × 118 cm

Cotton 100%   Made in Japan





Furoshiki pattern : 27-020082

Furoshiki size : 118 cm × 118 cm

Cotton 100%  Made in Japan







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