Japanese Culture and Japanese gifts ( Hanko, Japanese Traditional Clothing and Accessories ) ② - A Gift From Japan- A gift from Japan

I walked the lake in Shiga prefecture, Shiga has the biggest lake in Japan and  some mountain ranges,

since the end of new year eve, a  lot of snow had come in Japan, so as you see these photos, beautiful snow mountain ranges 


And also there is a very beautiful flower field, those contrasts of snow mountain ranges, beautiful, Biwa lake and flower field are amazing.



Besides, I found beautiful women who are wearing gorgeous kimonos also, those contrasts of beautiful sceneries and Kimono girls are very beautiful too.

By the way,

In Japan, people are considered adults at the age of 20. They are allowed to drink, smoke, and gamble.

They can also have contracts for monthly subscription services without getting parental consent.

As ‘Coming-of-Age Ceremony that is called SEIJINSHIKI in Japanese is held annually on the second Monday of January.

The ceremony is a ritual to celebrate all those who become 20 in the year and help them become aware of responsibilities as adults.
Seijinshiki is held at local and prefectural offices all over Japan. Most people attend ceremonies that are held in their hometowns.
For the ceremony, women commonly wear the traditional Kimono. While some men attend wearing the traditional Hakama,

it’s common to see men wearing suits these days.
After the ceremony, a lot of the new adults have a drinking party at the Izakaya,

so it’s also a time of reunion for those who may not have seen each other since they graduated from junior high or high school.


Men’s clothing for Coming of Age of 20th ceremony.


Why don’t you try to wear Yukata?



IN NY and London, wearing Japanese traditional clothing ( Samue, Jinbei, Yukata, and so on )which become a boom now.




Male model  : 184 cm

Wearing size : LL

Wearing pattern : 976-17n

Cotton 100%   Made in Japan

This can be washed in the washing machine.

This texture is similar to a cotton T-shirt.