Daily Japanese phrases, when you wake up . Part 3

When you come to Japan or chat with Japanese friends, you should know daily Japanese phrases.
I introduce you daily Japanese phrases. It is useful for you could be.

Chapter 1 Morning;

What time is it? = Ima nanji desuka?
It’s time to get up. = Okiru jikan desu.
I’ll sleep just 10 more minutes. = Ato 10 minutes nemasu.
I open the window in the room. = Heya no mado wo akemasu.
I raise the blinds. = Blinds wo akemasu.
I open all the windows and let in fresh air. = Mado wo akete, shinsen na kuuki wo iremasu.

It’s raining, so I close the window. = Ame ga futteimasunode, mado wo shimemasu.
I turn on the air conditioner. = Eakon no iremasu.
I set the air conditioner on cool. = Reibou wo iremasu.
I turn on the heatrer. = danbou wo iremasu.
I set the temperature to 25 degrees. =Ondo wo 25 do ni shimasu.
I go to the bathroom . = Toire ni ikimasu.
When I get up,the first thing I do is go to the bathroom.= OKitara, saisho ni toire ni ikimasu.
I have a habit of thinking about things in the bathroom = Toire de mono wo kanngaeru kuse ga arimasu.
Once in a while, I get a good idea in the bathroom. = Toire de ii idea ga ukabimasu.
That is it.
See you .