Daily Japanese phrases, when you wake up . Part 4

When you come to Japan or chat with Japanese friends, you should know daily Japanese phrases.
I introduce you daily Japanese phrases. It is useful for you could be.

Chapter 1 Morning;

At restroom and washroom;

There is no toilet paper. = Toire no kami ga arimasen.
The water doesn’t flush. = Mizu ga nagaremasen.
The water doesn’t stop. = Mizu ga tomarimasen.
The toilet’s clogged up. = Toire ga tumarimashita.
What can I do? = Doushiyou.
I wash my hands with water. = Mizu de te wo araimasu.
I see mu face in the mirror. = kagami de kao wo mimasu.
I stare at the face in the mirror for a long time. = kagami de Jitto kao wo mimasu.
I am concerned about wrinkles around my eyes.= me no mawari no kojiwa ga kininarimasu.
I am concerned about grey hair. = Shiraga ga kininarimasu.

That is it.

See you!