Daily Japanese phrases, when you wake up . Part 6

When you come to Japan or chat with Japanese friends, you should know daily Japanese phrases.
I introduce you daily Japanese phrases. It is useful for you could be.

Chapter 1 Morning;

At washroom;

I wash my face. = kao wo araimasu.

I wash my face with face form. = Sengansettken de kao wo araimasu.


About hair;


My hair’s short = kami ga mijikai desu.

My hair’s long. = kami ga nagai desu.

My hair’s growing. = Kami ga nobiteimasu.

My hair ‘s disheveled = kami ga bosabosa desu.

I wash my hair. = kami wo araimasu.

I wipe my hair with a towel. = Towel de kami wo fukimasu.

I dry my hair with a hairdryer. hair dryer de kami wo kawakashimasu.

I set my hair. = kami wo set shimasu.

I use hair wax. = Hair wax wo tukemasu.

I spray on my hair. = Spray wo kakemasu.

That is it.

See you .