Doll’s festival in Japan March 3 today

It is called Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival) in Japanese is an occasion to pray for young girls’ growth and happiness.Hinamatsuri is celebrated each year on March 3 today.
Most families with girls display dolls for the Doll’s Festival called Hina-ningyo.
The dolls depict the imperial court.
A set of dolls includes the Emperor(Odairi-sama), the Empress(Ohina-sama), three court ladies(sannin-kanjo), five court musicians(Gonin-bayashi), the minister of the left(Sadaijin), the minister of the right(Udaijin) and three servants(Sannin-jougo).
Today, we eat traditional dishes like Scattered sushi(Chirashi-sushi), clam soup, sweet white sake(Shirozake), rise cake cubes(Hina arare) and diamond-shaped rice cakes(Hishimochi) for the Doll’s Festival.
People put away Hina -ningyo as soos as Hinaramatsuri over. Because It’s believed that if people put away it too late, the girl will get married late in the future .

Hina-ningyo is this;