If you want to remove the bad luck, Go to here wearing Yukata

I stopped by the Ichihime shrine only for women coincidentally.

The year when any women have to remove bad luck, they go to pray there in those years. 

Those years are called Yakudoshi in Japanese.

Yakudoshi, which literally means “unlucky age,” refers to particular ages when a number of disasters are believed to strike.

For men, these ages are 25, 42, and 61, and for women, 19, 33, and 37, using the traditional Japanese way of counting age, where newborn babies are considered to be one year old at birth. 

In particular, 42 for men and 33 for women are said to be the unluckiest ages, when one may experience the worst misfortune. 

In addition, the years before and after one’s unlucky age are called Maeyaku and Atoyaku respectively. You need to be careful of illness or accidents during both Yakudoshi and in the year before and after.

People in Yakudoshi often visit a shrine for Yakubarai, which means to “remove the bad luck.” 

There is a shrine for women to remove the bad luck.

The shrine is the Ichihime shrine.


I took one photo where someone prayed to remove bad luck with a god who is called Kannushi in Japanese.


Also, I could take Kannushi who was taking a photo of women.


Also, Those women who prayed to remove bad luck,

they get water there and they put it in the bath when they came in that day and take a bath.


When you go to see any Japanese traditional events or places,

Why don’t wear Yukata, Samue, or JInbei?


Why don’t you go wearing Yukata or Samue?




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