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I went to a very popular GYOZA restaurant that is called HOHEI  in GIon Kyoto Japan.



I had a long line to enter there.



Unluckily, I did not see Maiko at this time, because that is very famous among Maiko too. Gion is a district of Kyoto

like this photo below.


About Gion

Japan, originally developed in the Middle Ages, in front of Yasaka Shrine.

The district was built to accommodate the needs of travelers and visitors to the shrine.



When you come to GIon area why don’t you wear  Yukata? 

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It eventually evolved to become one of the most exclusive and well-known geisha districts in all of Japan.

The geisha in the Gion district (and Kyoto generally) do not refer to themselves as geisha; instead,

Gion geisha use the local term geiko. While the term geisha means “artist” or “person of the arts”, the more direct term geiko means essentially

“a child of the arts” or “a woman of art”. Divisions Shirakawa Canal in the Gion district, showing the rear of some Ochaya

This neighborhood in Kyoto has five hanamachi (geiko communities.


There are five hanamachi in Kyoto): Gion Kōbu and Gion Higashi split many years ago; Kōbu is larger, occupying most of the district,

while Higashi is smaller and occupies the northeast corner, centered on its rehearsal hall.

Despite the considerable decline in the number of geisha in Gion in the last one hundred years,

it is still famous for the preservation of forms of traditional architecture and entertainment.

A typical kaiseki restaurant in Gion Part of this district has been declared a national historical preservation district. Recently,

the City of Kyoto completed a project to restore the streets of Gion, which included such plans

as moving all overhead utilities underground as part of the ongoing effort to preserve the original beauty of Gion



Gyoza ( Japanese potstickers ) are fried dumplings with vegetable and meat ingredients in a flour wrapper.

The filling includes napa cabbage, Nira, and pork and The gyoza filling contains vegetables flavored with garlic and ginger.

Fried gyoza
Japan’s classic cooking style with gyoza fried in oil.

Gyoza are all bite-size. One plate comes with 12 gyoza.




We also recommend the miso-flavored sauce.

I love drinking alcohol so whenever I take it in this restaurant because freshwaters help your liver. 

Why don’t you try it, if you drink a lot every day?




Yukata is like this.


N NY and London, wearing Japanese traditional clothing ( Samue, Jinbei, Yukata, and so on )which become a boom now.




Male model  : 184 cm

Wearing size : LL

Wearing pattern : 976-17n

Cotton 100%   Made in Japan