OMISOKA. New year’s eve. Hanko, A gift from Japan.

New year’s eve ( 31st  Dec ) is called Omisoka in Japanese,w hich literally means the last day of the year. This day is mthe tost favorite day in a year for me, m because there are so many good TV shows and today’s atmosphere in Japan is something different,most of Japanese could be fidgeting. By the end of this day,we usually finish cleaning the house and preparing New Year dishes to welcome the coming of the New Year. Many people keep up the old custom of visiting Buddhist temples and shrines, Eating buckwheat noodles, and wishing for longevity has also remained as one of the good old traditions of the night. Around midnight, Buddhist temples throughout Japan starts to toll a huge bell 108 times, which is known as a bell on New Year’s Eve. It is believed that we have 108 different types of earthly desires and that the peals of the bell should dispel them so we can have a happy New Year.