This is very famous matchmaking shrine in Kyoto Japan

I walked around central Kyoto, that area is called Gion, especially wanting to stop by a very old street, that is called Hanamikouji street  Kennin temple, and Yasui Konpira shrine near Hanamikouji.

When I was walking on Hanamikoji street, I saw some ladies who wore kimonos and Geisha ladies.

This is Hanamikoji street and the KImono ladies who were walking there.

I saw 3 kimono ladies on the first photo is of the entrance of Hanamikouji.



Then there were some kimonos or Yukata ladies on the street.



Also, I saw real Geisha who was leaving for her customers on the way.

Even if you stop by this street, you hardly see them. but as my advice to see them, please stop by there around 15:00-16:00, to see them.


And you walk on Hanamikouji street from north to south, you can see a very famous temple that is called Kennin temple, that has a very big garden and long fences.


This is a north gate, you can see Yukata ladies too.


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When you pass the long way of the big garden, you can see a south gate.

I saw a priest that is called Jyushoku, he wore his uniform which is called Samue.


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And I went to the very famous matchmaking shrine in Kyoto Japan, near Kennin temple, it took 5 mins from the temple on foot.


You can see Kanji sentence on the gate ” 悪縁を切り良縁を結ぶ祈願所”

悪縁 means evil relationships

切り means cut-off

良縁 means good relationships

結ぶ means create

祈願所 means the shrine is to cut-off evil relationships, and create good ones.


I saw a couple of women praying for something to cut-off evil relationships, and create good ones.


After praying, they write a wish on the paper ( 100JPY ) You buy to cut-off evil relationships, create good ones. and put it on here.




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