About Hanko’s order, we offer one extra free Vermilion ink pad ( Shuniku )  per order.



*The shipping fee has been raised and it is not available for some countries to ship your Hanko by air since Corona pandemic,

if we can’t ship it by air, we will ship it by sea.

It takes about 2 weeks by air and takes about a month and a half by sea for the arrival.

The shipping fee is 2000 JPY.


*Shipping is free for purchases over 30,000 JPY 


Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


* If you purchase numerous items, your order may be shipped by EMS.



A tracking service for confirming the whereabouts of packages with a complete loss and damage insurance system.

It has a tracking number.

If the e-packet is damaged or partly missing during delivery, a maximum of 6000(JPY)is paid for the actual loss.