About Hanko order, we offer one extra free Vermilion ink pad ( Shuniku )  per order.


*Due to Corona restrictions, international e packet is not available in the most of counties , so the shipping fee will raise from 1000 JPY to

1400 JP ( 500JPY for Japan ) .

We will inform you when international e-packet will be available again.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.


For areas without Corona restrictions, we can ship by air and it will take about a month for the arrival.

For areas with Corona restrictions, we will ship by sea and it should take a couple of months for the arrival.

*Shipping is free for purchases over 30,000 ( JPY ) 



We ship the item 10 days as soon as possible after we confirm your payment by registered air or sea freight ( Due to Corona restrictions )

REGISTERED AIR SMALL PACKET(International e-packet ) is a speedy international mail service for sending up to 2kg of documents and other goods simply and conveniently to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.

* If you purchase numerous items, your order may be shipped by EMS or sea freight ( Due to Corona restrictions )



A tracking service for confirming the whereabouts of packages with complete loss and damage insurance system.

It has a tracking number.

If the e-packet is damaged or partly missing during delivery, a maximum of 6000(JPY)is paid for the actual loss.