This is the shrine for your business is going well.

If you want to succeed in your Bussines, why don’t you stop by Toyokuni shrine and pray for you?

It is very easy to get there from Kyoto station and which is near Hyatt Regency Kyoto, so why don’t you stay there too?

Also, it is a very famous temple of  Sanju Sangen-do and has a very great Japanese-style garden and building near Hyatt and Toyokuni shrine.

When Hideyoshi Toyotomi was dead, this was built by his son from Ieyasu Tokugawa’s offer.

Why did Ieyasu Tokugawa offer to build the shrine? Because Ieyasu gets Hideyoshi’s son to use the money to build to make the Toyotomi family’s power decrease and

to make Tokugawa era ( Edo era ) , Ieyasu Tokugawa was very cleaver.




This bell is super big 


Toyokuni shrine has a very beautiful Japanese-style garden.



Kyoto International Museum is next to this shrine and very big.


There is Sanju Sangen-do in front of the Kyoto International museum.


There is Kyoto Hyatt Regency next to Sanju Sangen-Do and this hotel has very beautiful bamboo garden.


Access from Kyoto station to Toyokuni shrine or Sanju Sangen-Do

Kyoto city bus 100, 206,208 

Around 10mins by taxi and the cost is around 1000JPY


IN NY and London, wearing Japanese traditional clothing (  Yukata ) which become a boom now.






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Tsuji office Inc.

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