This shrine is to pray for getting over any disease.

This shrine “Gojo Tenjin” shrine is to pray for getting over any disease near Shijo Karasuma where is central Kyoto city and

while you find this shrine, you will see Japanese traditional clothing shops and product companies.


This is for the exit of Torii gate.



The nearest station is Shijo by Subway Karasuma line bound for Kokusai Kaigijo station.


Would you wear Japanese traditional clothing when you stop by this shrine because there are most of around here traditional Kyoto city a traditional town that matches those places?






Samue is loose fitting and it’s comfortable for every body shape. 








Tsuji office Inc.

Tsuji office Inc.

Online ship for Japanese traditional gifts

 Minamitsuda  Omihachiman Shiga 〒523-0085 Japan.


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