This shrine is to pray for getting over your eyes

This shrine Chugen temple is to pray for getting over your eyes near Gion and Kawaramachi of central downtown Kyoto and very famous shrine "Yasaka shrine " is near here, very convenient for you to get here. Access : City bus 205 to Kawaramachi bus stop from Kyoto station. Would you wear Japanese traditional clothing when you stop by this temple because Yasaka shrine or Gion city where is traditional town is called Gion, Traditional clothing matches those places. Samue is a traditional Japanese work clothing, made of a pair of trousers and a long-sleeved jacket. Loose-fitting and resistant, it was originally used by craftsmen and artisans for its remarkable ease of movement, but nowadays is also very appreciated as loungewear, for DIY hobbies or to simply have a walk with a comfortable outfit. Suitable for every season, it’s also still used by Buddhist head monks as loungewear when they are in the Temple. Samue is loose fitting and ...more >>

The girl’s day on March 3rd in Japan

We have the doll festival that is called Hina Matsuri on March 3 also that is called girls day too. It's the day to pray for healthy growth and happiness for young girls. Most families with girls display dolls called Hina-Ningyo. Long ago, people threw paper dolls into rivers and in the sea to drive away evil spirits with them. People began displaying dolls in the Edo period. The dolls depict the imperial court. They are dressed in beautiful ancient court costumes. The Emperor and the Empress have sat on the top. The Emperor The Empress And three court ladies have sat on the second. The folding screen that's called Byoubu Paper lamp that's called Bonjiri Mandarin orange tree Cherry tree In the emperor's house Kyoto Japan, There is always a mandarin orange tree on the emperor's left side and cherry blossoms on his right side. Furniture and household goods that are ...more >>

This shrine is for couples and is very famous for the spiritual place in Kyoto Japan

This shrine is for couples and is very famous for the spiritual place which is called Kifune shrine where I stopped by. When I saw the entrance has a beautiful red Torii gate, stairs, and a lot of lantern-shaped decorations in Kyoto Japan. About access to get to Kifune shrine. Take the Keihan railway until the final stop, which is Demachi Yanagi station, and change a train and take Eizan electric railway to Kifune Guchi station, then you can walk to Kifune shrine with around 2km, or take a bus to the Kifune shrine bus stop. from the bus stop, you have to walk to get to the Kifune shrine with around 300m before you got to the Torii gate, there is a very beautiful river alongside the road to go to the Kifune shrine. and there are some restaurants and cafes on the river that is called Kawazoko. You can see the beautiful river and hear the murmuring of the river then you have a great lunch with Japanese food which is called Washokuor have a break at a cafe on the river. The ...more >>

This shrine is to pray for cutting ties with your partner.

This shrine Ichiidani Nanano shrine is very famous to pray for cutting ties with your partner. It is very difficult for you to find this shrine because there is this shrine in central Kyoto city. While you try to find it, you are going to feel real Kyoto city. The cut tree means cutting ties with your partner. There is this cut tree near the exit of Torii gate. Access By bus, city bus 9 from Kyoto station The nearest subway station is Kuramaguchi by subway the Karasuma line bound for Kokusai kaigijyo If you stop by here, why don't you wear Japanese traditional clothing and feel Kyoto? Samue is a traditional Japanese work clothing, made of a pair of trousers and a long-sleeved jacket. Loose-fitting and resistant, it was originally used by craftsmen and artisan for its remarkable ease of movement, but nowadays is also very appreciated as loungewear, for DIY hobbies or to simply have a walk with a comfortable outfit. Suit...more >>

This is the Japanese coming-of-age ceremony in Japan on Jan 8th or 9th. When you are 20 years old and stay in Japan, why don’t you have the experience?

I walked the lake in Shiga prefecture, Shiga has the biggest lake in Japan and some mountain ranges, since the end of new year eve, a lot of snow had come in Japan, so as you see these photos, beautiful snow mountain ranges And also there is a very beautiful flower field, those contrasts of snow mountain ranges, beautiful, Biwa lake and flower field are amazing. Besides, I found beautiful women who are wearing gorgeous kimonos also, those contrasts of beautiful sceneries and Kimono girls are very beautiful too. By the way, In Japan, people are considered adults at the age of 20. They are allowed to drink, smoke, and gamble. They can also have contracts for monthly subscription services without getting parental consent. As 'Coming-of-Age Ceremony that is called SEIJINSHIKI in Japanese is held annually on the second Monday of January. The ceremony is a ritual to celebrate all those who become 20 in the year and help them become aware of responsibilities as adults. Seij...more >>

This is the Japanese new year we have. Would you have that experience?

We eat Ozoni in the morning on 1st Jan. About Ozoni, Mochi is eaten to celebrate good health and long life. We eat Mochi in an Ozoni soup celebrating Japanese New Year. There are vegetables and mushrooms and so on all you want and Mochi in the Ozoni soup And we eat Osechi from 1st to 3rd Jan. Osechi is the traditional meal only prepared for New Year. All of the Ingredients in Osechi are well-meaning because Osechi is eaten to pray for good health and great harvest for a year. Also, we visit our favorite shrines or temples that are the first visit in that year that are called Hatsumode. Hatsumode means the first visiting in that year. I went to Tachiki shrines near my house on 1st Jan. When you come to any shrines or temples, you have to wash your hands at Chozuya first. First of all, wash your left hand then wash your right hand and put water on your left hand, wash inside the mouth with that water on the lef...more >>

This shrine is very rare in Kyoto Japan, this is for only celebrities -A Gift From Japan

I went to the very unique shrine in Kyoto Japan, which is called kurumazaki shrine is for celebrities. If you are the celebrity, the celebrity official,s or you wat to be the celebrity, please stop by and pray. There is a lot of red board with the name of celebrities. I saw a lot of couples who wore Yukata, when you stop by here, why don't you wear Yukata? ...more >>

Kyoto Palace in central Kyoto Japan – A Gift From Japan

Kyoto Imperial Palace is an imperial facility located in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. The Kyoto Imperial Palace was the place where the emperor lived and performed ceremonies and public affairs until the Meiji Restoration. Kyoto Gyoen is located in the center of Kyoto City, and the total area of the park is 650,000 square meters. It was very amazing that it is very easy to enter because even gates and fences are very low and alongside the road. So I thought Japanese royal families have trusted residents, so they don't feel scared and they did not prepare to toll gates and fences. The site of the Kyoto Imperial Palace is a long rectangle about 250 meters east-west and about 450 meters north-south. The beginning of the Kyoto Imperial Palace was when Emperor Kanmu moved to Heiankyo in 794. Today, the Kyoto Imperial Palace is open to the public and anyone can visit it. Kyoto Gyoen, which surrounds the Kyoto Imperial Palace, is popular ...more >>

The best spiritual shrine in Kyoto Japan- A Gift From Japan

I went to the best spiritual shrine in Kyoto Japan, which is called Izumo Daimyoujin I believe. Before you pass the torii gate, there is a rabbit statue made of stone. pet the head of this rabbit. it is said, you are going to get big luck. This is the god of water. a lot of people put water in their pet bottles from here. This is free you can do that. If you drink this water, it is said you are going to be healthy TTT After you pray something at the main shrine, please pass this Torii gate and go into the forest. You might get big big power. And as you can see in this movie below, white paper is fluttering on the stone which means god welcomes you. <span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span> Then after going into the forest, you ca...more >>

There is a very rare shrine for only people who working in the electrical industry in Kyoto Japan- A gift from Japan

I stopped by the very rare shrine in Arashiyama Kyoto Japan which is one of the most popular tourist places in Kyoto Japan. You can go to JR Kyoto station to JR Sagano station to go or from the station, Shiki Omiya to Arashiyama station on the railway of Araden also takes Hankyu railways to Hankyu Arashiyama station to go, I took Hankyu railways from the station to go to the rare shrine that is called Den Den Gu in Houryu temple near Hankyu Arashiyama station which is for only people in the electrical industry. These photos are Houryu temple, this stairs which were made of stones are very long and beautiful. There is an observatory In Houryu temple, and you can see a whole beautiful Arashiyama view. Please stop by Den Den Gu shrine for only people who working electrical industry. After stopping by here, I moved to a very famous bamboo street in Arashiyama Kyoto Japan. Before I leave for the bamboo street, you can see a very beautiful river which is call...more >>

There is a very rare shrine for the people who doesn’t want to go bald

I found a very rare shrine for the people who don't want to go bald in the bamboo street in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto Japan, actually, a lot of international people have already known the bamboo street, but I think they walk in the bamboo street. When you go to the bamboo street, please stop by 2 good shrines, one of them is for the couple who make a good relationship and another one is for the people who don't want to go bald. This is bamboo street, it was 30℃ at that time but I felt comfortable and cool in the bamboo street. This is the shrine for any couples who want to make a good relationship which is called Nomiya shrine, there was a lot of couples there, that is near Arashiyama station of Randen, it takes around 5 mins, it takes around 10 mins from JR Sagano station and it takes around 15 mins from Hankyu Arashiyama station. and when you walk 5 mins to the entrance of the bamboo street, you can get to the Nomiya shrine for couples who make a good relationship....more >>

The shrine that’s called Douso shrine is for couples in Kyoto Japan

I went to Douso Shrine for Couples near Kyoto station, APA Hotel Kyoto Ekimae, and Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto, Dosojin is shrine erected at crossroads and borders of villages to prevent evil spirits from coming from outside the village and to protect the safety of traffic and movement. This shrine was relocated during the era of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, but it was originally a shrine with a long history. The two deities enshrined here are Sarutahiko no Mikoto, the god of travel, and Amanouzume no Mikoto, the god of performing arts. They are also believed to be gods. There are various poses for this so-called “Soutai Dosojin”, but in front of this gate, there is a stone statue of a man and a woman in Heian period clothes holding hands and cuddling up. It's a very small shrine that stands between buildings near Kyoto Station, but that's why the two of them look so happy and friendly, and passers-by smile involuntarily. If you visit a small and quiet shrine with your partner, you will not...more >>

Hanko Name Stamp – A Gift From Japan

What is Hanko ( Name stamp ) In Japan, instead of signing things we stamp our Hanko ( Name stamp ). Hanko is also called "Inkan". We use them when we want to open a bank account, buy a house, rent something, or sign an important contract. It's considered a form of ID in Japan. Hanko is a part of Japanese society and it's a very important part. If you should ever come to Japan, you'll need one for your own bank account or to rent a home, they're very important here. How to stamp Hanko ( Name stamp ) Japanese people use their Hanko all the time. When you write letters, you use your Hanko instead of signing your name. you also stamp it on various other things you carry around just to give it a personal accent. Hanko makes great souvenirs and presents. You can have your name written in Kanji, Katakana, Hiragana or English characters on your Hanko. Let's make your own original Hanko! You can compare an image of Hiragana with an image o...more >>

This is the biggest spiritual place ( shrine )

I had heard there is super biggest spiritual place in Shiga next to Kyoto city Japan, in this time I went there that is called Fujigasaki Ryu shrine in Omihachiman city Shiga Japan. that was facing Maki beach of the biggest lake in Japan that is called BIwa lake and very beautiful and made me refreshing very much and I felt I got much power from the god of Ryu. By the way, Ryu means dragon, there have reminded a dragon faith that is called Ryujin ( 龍神) since a long time ago in Japan. When you want to stop by thee, You take JR train from Kyoto station to Omihachiman station in 45 mins, and take a bus to Maki bound for Nomura from Omihachiman station or rent a car at Omi station. You can see a big island on Biwa lake I took a photo at this shrine. This island is called Oki island and is the only island on any lake in Japan people lives, The population is 287 people, and all of them have been engaged in the fishery. You can get here by ferry. I saw a te...more >>

This is the very famous Instagrammable Spots in the shrine in Kyoto Japan.

As you see this photo with Kodai temple which is the very famous five-story pagoda in Kyoto Japan below. Kodai temple is also near Kiyomizu temple which is a very famous temple too. This is Kiyomizu temple. But lately, a lot of people come to this shrine that is called Yasaka Koushin because you can write a wish on the colorful ball that is called Kukuri Saru and tie a wood. and the figure is very very cute and that is the best spot for Instagrammable. When I stop by there, A lot of junior high school students who had a school trip just came. Also, I saw wedding, a bride and a groom were wearing special wedding Kimonos, they were very gougeous and beautiful. When I was leaving there, I saw a rickshaw ride through the gate. And I passed the gate and made a right, Koudai temple was there and I saw a driver who is to pull a rickshaw ride. He was very cool. When I saw him, I really remember Samurai. And I sell half coats that are call...more >>

Japanese traditional Long epic song that is called NAGAUTA 

I went to see my friend who sings long epic songs that is called NAGAUTA in the hall Kyoto Japan. I saw a lot of people who wore kimono also I saw a lot of Geisha too. A nagauta (long epic songwith shamisen accompaniment) derived from Otsu-e, and finally, also a number in Classical Japanese dance.  This is a Japanese traditional curtain, These Sakura ( cherry blossoms ) patterns of the curtain are very beautiful. A lot of Geisha who wearing Kimono came to see Nga-Uta. it is hard to wear Kimono but easy to wear Yukata or Samue which is like a bathrobe. So when you go to see any Japanese traditional events, why don't you go wearing Yukata or Samue? The most widely known symbol of Japanese traditional Summer outfits, Yukata are light and simple long robes, similar to Kimono in their shape but much more informal and easy to wear. They are usually worn during Japanese Summer events such as Matsuri or Fireworks Festivals. Female model: 165 cm Wearing size...more >>

Kamigami shrine where is oldest shrine in Kyoto Japan 

I walked to see the arch of cherry blossom when I went to the Kamigamo shrine on the way. this arch is very very famous in Kyoto Japan. They looked like the tunnel of cherry blossom. Kamo river is also very famous in Kyoto Japan along side with the arch. After you passed the arch, passed, you can see the Kamigamo shrine. There are a lot of beautiful cherry blossoms in the Kamigamo shrine. About Kamigamo shrine, Kamo-wake-ikazuchi-Jinja in the Kita Ward of Kyoto is the oldest Shinto shrine in the ancient city. Since prehistoric times Kamigamo-jinja has preserved and transmitted the legends relating to the birth of the shrine deity, Wakeikazuchi. Ancient rituals which transmit the faith in the divine mountains, Kamo Sai also known as Aoi Matsuri which started during the reign of Emperor Kinmei in 544, and the shrine buildings retaining the style of the early Heian Period, all convey the history of the province of Yamashiro (southern Kyoto Prefecture). Most of the...more >>

Cherry-blossom viewing in Kyoto

I went to KAMOGAWA river to have a party under the cherry blossom trees that are called HANAMI in Japanese alongside KAMOGAWA river in Kyoto Japan. We found a cherry blossom beautiful arch and we had a party here. We brought alcohol and snacks and had a good time with my friends. Hanami” is a Japanese tradition of welcoming spring. The literal meaning is “viewing flowers” and Enjoying cherry blossoms is an old Japanese custom (that’s been around for over 1000 years). Hanami is like a picnic to enjoy the cherry blossoms. People get together under the cherry blossoms and enjoy food and drinks. Many people go early in the morning to secure a spot. Cherry blossoms only bloom for a short time, usually for only a week or two. Cherry blossoms remind people that life is short and beautiful. The sunset with cherry blossoms was very beautiful. I saw a lot of people who were wearing Yukata or JInbei Why don7t you try them when you join event...more >>

Traveling to Mt.Fuji and kamakura city 2nd day

I took a photo with taking Onsen outside in the Ryokan in the morning, Onsen outside is called ROTEN-BURO. Mt.Fuji was very huge and a white cloud was moving on the top. we felt kinda scared too. We went to Kamakura is a coastal town in Kanagawa Prefecture, less than an hour south of Tokyo after checked out our Ryokan. Kamakura became the political center of Japan when Minamoto Yoritomo chose the city as the seat for his new military government in 1192. The Kamakura government continued to rule Japan for over a century, first under the Minamoto shogun and then under the Hojo regents. Kamakura is a small city and a very popular tourist destination. Sometimes called the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura offers numerous temples, shrines, and other historical monuments. In addition, Kamakura's sand beaches attract large crowds during the summer months. This is the very famous market that is called Komachi-Dori ( Komachi street ) near Kamakura station. A lot of people w...more >>

Traveling to Mt.Fuji and Onsen& Ryokan 1st day

We stayed Japanese traditional hotel that is called Ryokan near Kawaguchi lake in Yamanashi prefecture Japan. We arrived near our Ryokan, Huge Mt.Fuji came up. The hotel we stayed in SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU where you can enjoy the view of Kawaguchiko and the magnificent Mt.Fuji. I took Mtr.Fuji from my room. You can view Lake Kawaguchi and Mt.Fuji from your room also view them from spa ( Onsen ) This lake ( Kawaguchi lake ) is very famous, I took Mt.Fuji from the private beach of this hotel too. Mt,Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan. It is 3776 meters above sea level and has a diameter of 44 kilometers. Mt Fuji is an active volcano which is located between Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefectures. In June of 2013, Mt. Fuji was registered as a World Heritage site. Mt. Fuji is a stratovolcano and has erupted several times. Mt. Fuji is considered to be the symbol of Japanese beauty and is often drawn ...more >>