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The best Japanese traditional gift ( Japanese traditional business card that is called Senjafuda )

Senjafuda are slips or cards with the bearer’s name printed on them.
They were originally votive placards made of wood,

but since the Edo period they have been made of paper like this Washi and

people used to post them inside temples and shrines, as a memory of their visit.

In Kyoto, Maiko and Geisha began to use colorful and patterned Senjafuda

as their buisness card, that were called Hanameishi ( literally “flower buisness card ).
Also you can put your email address, URL and so on on the side of Senjafuda too.


A gift from Japan

You can make your cool Senjafuda on A gift from Japan.



You can compare an image of Hiragana with an image of Katakana or

an image of English with an image of Kanji and so on before your order is 


CATHERINE’s Senjafuda in Katakana






CATHERINE’s Senjafuda in Kanji








ERIC’s Senjafuda in Katakana



ERIC’s Senjafuda in Hiragana




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