About Shrine .

About shrine is called Jinja in Japanese .
Jinja refers to the buildings where a Shinto god is enshrined and summoned. The place i served by a Shinto priest called Kannushi A Shinto shrine usually consists of three units ; the main sanctuary called Honden where the spirit of yhe deity is enshrined , the hall of reciting prayers or Norito-den and yhe hall of worship or Haiden . Many shrines were build in places of natural beauty. During the New Year holiday , fanous shrines are packed with worshippers .
About famous shrines in Kyoto Japan below ;
Let say ;
Mikane shirne , Fushimi inari , Heian shrine and so on .

And when you pray you have to wash your hands and into your mouth as puffing yourself
I telll you how to do them before you pray at a shrine .
When you come to any shrines ,
You will be able to find a place to do .

①Take the dipper with your right hand and fill it with water.
Pour some water over your left hand to rinse it.
②Shift the dipper to your left hand and rinse your right hand.
③Take the dipper with your right hand again, and pour water into your left cupped hand and rinse your month.

※Not to forget to tell him/her not to touch the dipper directly with his/her mouth.

④Lastly, rinse your left hand once more.