I went to drink a Japanese Sencha which my students made in My Japanese language school . Hanko , A gift from Japan.

In our Japanese language school ,

we have Japanese Sencha club for international students on Friday, and I sometimes come there and  taste very delicious Japanese Sencha .

and today, my students invited me to thier Sencha club.

About Sencha,

There are many names for the different kinds of tea. Sencha, developed around the middle of the 18th century and the most common type of green tea in Japan, is about 90% of the crop. Sencha has an astringent flavor much loved by the people, who drink it constantly. It is also good for the health. Gyokuro, cultivated around the middle of the 19th century, is a very high grade tea and is milder than sencha. Macha is powdered green tea which is strong and used in the tea ceremony. Bancha is low quality tea. There are others, but the above are the most familiar.