Japanese temple with big power. Japanese gift Samue – A gift from Japan

Buddhism is a religion originating in India with Buddha as its founder and

is one of the three major religions in the world along with Christianity and Islam.

It is said that it was introduced to Japan about 1,500 years ago.

The purpose of Buddhism is to get out of that suffering and gain enlightenment.

The temple is a building built on the basis of Buddhist teachings.


I love going KURAMA temple in Kyoto, There is the biggest power spot in Kurama Temple Kyoto Japan.

How to access.

Please get on Keihan train to Kurama station.


When you get off Kurama station, you will see a big statue that is called TENGU.

Tengu is an imaginary goblin living deep in the mountains.
He has supernatural powers and is human in form. He has
a red face, a long nose and wings on his back, and flies as
he pleases with a feather fan in his hand.


After you can go through the gate, you can get on the cable car,

by the way, you can walk up to the temple too without the cable car too.



After you get off the cable car, you can see a beautiful view and breath fresh air,

you probably feel you get big power.


Finally, you can see KURAMA temple.


Please stand up at the center of this mark and pray something with looking up at the sky.

You will get big power here.


How to go worship,

You have to wash your hands and clean your mouth at the Chozuya.




When visiting a temple, first give a bow in front of the temple gate.


Proceed to the front of the main temple, stand in front of the principal image,

put the money in the money box, and ring the bell.

After this, gently put your hands together, pray in your heart, and then bow deeply while putting your hands together.

When the prayer is over, finally give a bow to the principal image and leave the place.


Finally, when you go to any temples, you can see the head priest and they wear Japanese traditional clothing that is called SAMUE.

Samue is very fashionable and not only the head priest but also civilians wear Samue when they do 

Samue is loose fitting and it’s comfortable for every body shape. 


Would you like to try SAMUE?