This is the very famous Instagrammable Spots in the shrine in Kyoto Japan.

As you see this photo with Kodai temple which is the very famous five-story pagoda in Kyoto Japan below.

Kodai temple is also near Kiyomizu temple which is a very famous temple too.




This is Kiyomizu temple.



But lately, a  lot of people come to this shrine that is called Yasaka Koushin

because you can write a wish on the colorful ball that is called Kukuri Saru and tie a wood.

and the figure is very very cute and that is the best spot for Instagrammable.

When I stop by there, A lot of junior high school students who had a school trip just came.






Also, I saw wedding, a bride and a groom were wearing special wedding Kimonos, they were very gougeous and beautiful.



When I was leaving there, I saw a rickshaw ride through the gate.


And I passed the gate and made a right, Koudai temple was there and I saw a driver who is to pull a rickshaw ride.

He was very cool.


When I saw him, I really remember  Samurai.

And I sell half coats that are called Hanten, and I sell the Hanten with the logo Samurai ( 侍)



Half coat is loose fitting and it’s comfortable for every body shape. 






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Tsuji office Inc.

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