The best spiritual shrine in Kyoto Japan- A Gift From Japan

I went to the best spiritual shrine in Kyoto Japan, which is called Izumo Daimyoujin I believe.



Before you pass the torii gate, there is a rabbit statue made of stone.

pet the head of this rabbit. it is said, you are going to get big luck.



This is the god of water. a lot of people put water in their pet bottles from here.

This is free you can do that.

If you drink this water, it is said you are going to be healthy












After you pray something at the main shrine, please pass this Torii gate and go into the forest.

You might get big big power.




And as you can see in this movie below, white paper is fluttering on the stone which means god welcomes you.




Then after going into the forest, you can see this Torii gate, but there is a super spiritual zone from now on,




If you pass here, you need to register in the office of this shrine first and get a neckless made of paper.


Here is the super biggest spiritual place, please pray here.



stopping by here, you have to walk a lot, so you are going to hungry,

so when you leave here you are supported to take a bus to ge to JR Kameoka station,

and near Kameoka station there is a very famous hamburger restaurant.

Please stop by there too.

The name of the hamburger restaurant is Daikoku burger.

This beef is used Kyoto beef and is very juicy.

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